Pioneer Europe

Qualatex® has announced the launch of Q-Boom™, enabling users to “POP!” 3ft balloons remotely at the push of a button, so coordinating balloon special-effects has never been easier!

Q-Boom features a state-of-the-art wireless transmitter which sends signals to one or more receivers, that then pops giant balloons on cue (with no pyrotechnics or hot wires involved). The receivers are easy to attach and include flexible cable for rigging. Secure frequencies allow for staggered effects in one room, and the signal strength is sufficient for events big or small.

“Q-Boom is certain to wow clients and we’re pleased to bring such an innovative product to market,” began Julie Dommett at Pioneer Europe. “Balloon artists and party planners will find Q-Boom invaluable for balloon special effects at events – whether it’s balloon drops, flying confetti or surprising reveals. And of course it’s perfect for New Year’s Eve events, with the all-important countdown to 12 o’clock!”

Pioneer Europe customers can order now for delivery end October 2018. For more information visit