With ‘think green’ being very much on the minds of consumers, Jumbo Games are excited to announce the launch of a brand new range of children’s games that have been manufactured using 100% fully recycled materials!

The first games to be released in this exciting new range that is aimed at children aged 3+, include; Catch the Mouse, an exciting hand-eye reaction-based game; Colour Chameleon, a colour matching game; Peek-a-Boo, a memory game and Honey Yummy, a fun cooperative game that encourages children to work together.

Jumbo’s strategy of a more sustainable product development across product design and logistics, across their entire portfolio, demonstrates the company’s commitment to maintaining greener ethos for the future of their business. This isn’t Jumbo’s first steps to be a more green-focused company, as the manufacture already uses 100% recycled cardboard on their jigsaw puzzles, so launching this new range further emphasises the company’s strategy.

“In response to the increased demands from consumers and retailers, for companies to think more heavily about sustainability, we have increased our measures to ensure Jumbo stays on trend.” Steve Washbourne, Sales Director, “As an environmentally conscious company, already using 100% recycled cardboard in our jigsaw puzzles, we believe that consumers are going to get behind this new range of children’s games and will want to see more from us…and we can’t wait!”