Manchester-based subscription service Our Little Globe has seen a record increase in subscriber numbers throughout lockdown as parents seek value-added products, that provide educational and creative outlets for curious kids.

Founded by two ambitious mumpreneurs, Erin Rodgers and Fiona Neate; Our Little Globe aims to expand children’s horizons by teaching them about different cultures and traditions found around the world. By positively engaging children with personalised penpal letters, crafts, recipes and more, Our Little Globe helps teach children about the world in a fun and appealing way.

Our Little Globe offer two monthly subscription kits, the Adventure Activity Box and the Happy Post Pen Pal pack; both kits contain letters and a range of activities, promoting diversity, and teaching children to celebrate the unique elements found in each us, through their motto ‘different is brilliant.’

The message of acknowledging and celebrating individual and collective qualities has resonated with parents throughout the UK, Europe and North America, with Our Little Globe has seeing their subscribers more than double throughout lockdown.

Erin commented, “the feedback we get from parents is overwhelmingly about the strong positive messaging within the sets children receive. It is always fantastic to hear from parents about the ways in which they use the kits, and how their children react to them – be it a particular tradition or event that draws them in or whether it inspires them to go and learn more about the country.”

With lockdown greatly reducing the ability to travel easily as a family, the Monthly Adventure Activity Box and the Happy Post Pen Pal set have been credited by many parents as being a great alternative to continue their adventures abroad. Both subscription services come with two recipes inspired by the country the kit relates to, enabling families to immerse themselves in the culture of the country they are ‘visiting’. Alongside the suitcase box, world map and passport also provided in the Adventure Activity Box, the kits help to recreate the atmosphere and culture of countries far from home with an eclectic mix of craft, colouring and reading activities.

Fiona added, “Parents are actively looking for products that are fun but have a meaningful message. We know learning about different cultures has never been more important, especially as at the moment travel is simply not an option. For us as a small business, it has been great to see our subscribers double, reflecting the positive impact that our products are having on families, quite literally across the world.”

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