Craft Buddy Ltd invited new and existing trade customers to visit their Buckinghamshire headquarters over the course of three days to gain an exclusive insight into the companies new and exciting ranges.

Visitors to the open days were full of praise for Craft Buddy’s impressive array of arts & craft products, highlighting the popularity in their stories of top product ranges such as Crystal Art, Pretty Gets Gritty Mixed Media and Forever Flowers.

Many of the retailers focused upon the success of the Crystal Art range with one saying that “most people have not seen anything like it,” and that customers to their stores are looking for the “unusual products, the different products, rather than what they already have.” Others spoke of how they themselves had fallen in love with the product, stating “my therapy is to make the pictures.”

With free workshops on the agenda, retailers were treated to the wide portfolio offered by Craft Buddy as their expert team guided them through a range of new crafts including Die Cutting, Stamping, Crystal Art, and Flower Making – as part of Craft Buddy’s newest range Forever Flowers. The hands-on experience was well-liked by retailers with one stating: “I hadn’t heard of Forever Flowers until coming here today, and now I’ve seen it, I need to stock it. These are brilliant and perfect for the wedding season.”

With guests from all over the UK, and several from abroad, the trade open days were the perfect opportunity for Craft Buddy to display their own new products but also to gain valuable feedback from retailers. Despite the rapid growth of the company, Craft Buddy continues to focus on its retailer relationships knowing that they are a vital part of the continuing success of the company and days such as these are just as much about them, as they are about Craft Buddy.

Gary Wadhwani, co-director at Craft Buddy Ltd, said: “We have had a wonderful time meeting with existing retailers and new customers at our headquarters, and showing them the extensive Craft Buddy range. Here at Craft Buddy we put a lot of time and value into developing partnerships with our retailers and it was fantastic to see them and hear from them about their experiences with us and our products. It was heart -warming to hear the success most of our retail partners are having with Crystal Art, as it vindicates the huge amount of time and effort we’ve poured into this brand. With our new licensed products on display and our newly released Forever Flowers range, it was great to give out partners a taste of the amazing new ranges we have planned for the rest of 2019.”

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