24th August 2018, Buckinghamshire – The Buckinghamshire Freemasons opened the doors of its flagship Lodge, Bletchley Masonic Centre, to the community on Sunday 19th August, offering locals a first-hand look into the life of a Freemason.
As part of the event, the Bucks Freemasons invited representatives from The Graham Fulford Trust, who were there to offer free blood tests for prostate cancer. Working tirelessly, they completed 170 PSA tests during the event – many more than on previous occasions.

The PSA test, which measures the level of prostate-specific antigen (PSA) in the blood, was offered completely free of charge. This important test has proved lifesaving in the past, making it a regular feature in the Bucks Freemasonry In The Community project.

Among those taking advantage of the service was the Mayor, Councillor Petchey. He commented, “It is fantastic to hear that six lives have been saved over the last three years of PSA testing provided by Buckinghamshire Freemasons.”
Attendees were inspired to hear these lifesaving stories, such as that of Jeremy Firth from Bletchley Park Lodge, “after deciding to be tested during a similar open day event in Spring 2015, I was stunned to hear that my results showed cancer in all areas of my prostate. Within two weeks I was admitted into a hospital for a robotic radical prostatectomy, together with removal of the lymph glands in my groin. After a lengthy recovery, thankfully, my last PSA test showed I was cancer free.”

“There is no doubt in my mind that this Freemasonry In The Community project saved my life, I now bore everyone I know into getting a test, many have and all clear so far. I will be forever grateful to the Buckinghamshire Freemasons for providing this service.”