CarGoSeat highlights top things to look for when purchasing a car booster seat to ensure a safe and protected journey every time.


What a minefield!   How do you know which regulations are current or even relevant for your child?

At CarGo Seat, safety comes first and all our booster seats are put through both rigorous crash and seatbelt positioning tests.  The CarGoSeat is completely labelled up and fully complies with all UK and EU crash test requirements, meeting ECE R44/04 which means you can travel with complete assurance that your precious CarGo is protected.


We’ve all been there – when you pull out a booster seat to look for a missing teddy or set of keys….   Not only are crumbs stuck in crevices embarrassing – but they carry a health risk.   The ingenious design of CarGoSeat means that not only is it easy to wipe clean with any household anti-bacterial spray or wipe, but the seat cover comes off with ease and is machine washable for extra peace of mind.


With ways to minimise environmental waste at the forefront of everyone’s minds, CarGoSeat offers the perfect solution, so that when your little ones have out-grown their seats they can be returned for free of charge recycling, lessoning the impact on the environment.


Always check the manufacturers credentials and importantly – guarantees!

CarGoSeat is so confident in the quality of our products and manufacturing, that every CarGoSeat bought from an authorised retailer comes with a 12-month warranty.


Hours of struggling with complicated instruction manuals and seatbelts are a thing of the past!

Not only is CarGo seat safe for little hands with no metal clasps or sharp catches, but assembly is a dream!  An easy to use seatbelt positioning guide ensures the belt is at the right place on the child and the seat fixes in any car simply and quickly using the built in 3-point seatbelt.


Easy for families on the go, CarGoSeat is lightweight and easy to carry.  Kids will love getting hands on with the product as it comes with a grown-up flip up handle ready for everyday journeys and trips away.  Whether to grandmas for the weekend, the school run or with friends to football, CarGoSeat makes it easy for everyone to use and enjoy.


How sure can you be that the hire car you’re using hasn’t been in a crash before?  Or the booster seat you’ve borrowed from a friend has passed all its crash testing?

Often damage can be unseen. With CarGoSeat’s accessibility, ease of use and transportability – just take the risk out of every journey with your own seat which is easy to take with you and assemble, so you know it’s history and safety every time.


Travelling with kids can be fun with CarGoSeat!  Not only will children enjoy having their own seat to pull along, but each one doubles up as a storage case, meaning kids can bring their treasures on tour, easily accessible via a simple clasp when not in use.


Can a car booster seat really make life that little bit easier?

Something the kids will love? – CHECK!   Safety regulated and easy to clean?  – CHECK!   Easy to transport and set up? – CHECK!   A simple and effective idea? – CHECK!

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