Alpha Group UK’s Christmas 2018 sell-out sensation, TerraSect, is back for the A/W19 season firmly making its mark as an innovation in R/C technology.

As the company expands its leading R/C toy range, the stand-out offering is sure to take the top spot on Christmas lists again this year. Alpha’s forward-thinking design and cutting-edge technology combine to create a must-have product in the lead up to Christmas, providing the perfect gift for adventurers and gadget lovers.

TerraSect is a revolution in R/C toys. The unstoppable lizard-like creation has incredibly stable all-terrain navigation, which allows it to manoeuvre around all obstacles and surfaces, slithering stealthily across the ground. The relentless rolling attack mode sees the impressive creation coil and roll to take down its enemy.

TerraSect can roll, flip and crawl in all directions using the 2.4GHz controller, which has a phenomenal 150-foot range for indoor and outdoor use.

Brand Manager, Reg Sookee, at Alpha Group UK comments: “Terra-Sect took the market by storm last year, so much so that all stock sold out due to unprecedented consumer demand. It’s back again this year supported by a heavy weight targeted digital and TV campaign delivering the ideal gifting solution for children and older R/C enthusiasts.


“Our designs utilise the latest innovations and we continue to create products with a wow factor. With its unstoppable alien-technology and all terrain expertise, TerraSect isn’t going to hang about for long, so retailers should contact customer services to ensure stock for the busy festive period.”

Joining the range and further establishing Alpha’s R/C footprint in 2020, is Grrrumball.  A truly unique creature R/C, who growls and grumbles all over the place! With an Arm Smash Attack & Seismic Spin attack, Grrrumball will become your favourite wild friend next year! For information about this special beast and pre- order opportunities please contact