Your business has a story. The team behind it, the passion that drives it and the DNA which makes it different. You have unique selling points. UNIQUE. Elements which stand you out from the crowd and make the competition not as compelling to your target consumer. But do your target audiences realise this?

You need to tell the story of your business and brand to the customers that matter to you. In the crowded markets of social media and complex messaging – how can public relations cut through the clutter and make your budget work so much harder? The good news is – you have all the ingredients at your fingertips:

Building Interest
A targeted PR campaign will get you recognised and raise brand awareness around your key messages. It will demonstrate why your consumers should be interested and highlight your unique selling points. They say – perception is reality. Building interest and engagement is a continuous process – long after an advert has been glanced at, or worse, ignored – PR will ensure you are part of the right conversations at the right time.

Positioning and reinforcing your brand identity
If you’re reading this – doubtless you will have a business or brand that you are passionate about. Something which makes you get up in the morning and spend countless hours working on. Do your audiences feel the way you do about your brand? Are you really sure?

A creative PR campaign will create content aligned to your identity. It will ensure you are part of relevant conversations which are of interest to your target audience and ensure your voice is heard.

Building Trust
People buy from businesses and into brands they trust, where there is that inherent recognition that the brand will deliver and meet their needs. Using public relations wisely will establish your brand in a way which will build equity and therefore sales. The right campaign will align to your objectives and ensure your brand is positioned from a position of strength whether you are looking to harness loyalty from B2B or B2C customers.

Cost Effective
Public relations can be less expensive that other forms of marketing. It can cut through noise and be efficient and targeted. A good PR will be responsive to your news (whether you create it or join it) and turn around media releases to key channels within a matter of hours, with many ways to drive the conversation directly to your key sales platforms.

Harness new business
We’ve established you’ve a hard-working marketing budget, a passion for your brand and great stories to tell.

An integrated PR campaign will sit across all areas of your business, bring everything together and even align your internal communications – amplifying everything you do.
Use Public Relations to add value to your existing plans, to position you as credible and worthy of investment – whether at a corporate or end consumer level.

Are you sitting on a host of opportunity which could be converted to drive sales – let PR tell the story.
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