Singapore (November 23rd, 2018) – Oddbods, the twice Emmy nominated, hilarious, quirky animation series from One Animation has received full funding for its Oddbods Go-Kards card-based racing board game in less than one week on crowdfunding site, Kickstarter.

To celebrate this milestone, One Animation together with game developer Playware, is gifting each backer with a bonus pack of 7 highly detailed collectible Oddbods figurines. And, to ensure that even the littlest ones in the family can get in on the fun, today sees the launch of Go-Kards Little Racers, which is specifically developed for younger fans aged 5+ and priced at $30.

“We are excited to celebrate the campaign’s success to date with our backers by giving them Oddbods figurines we know they’ll love,” says Anabel Higgin, Marketing Director of One Animation, “and making this awesome game accessible to our younger fans was important to us – we thought, why should they miss out on the fun?!”

Just like Oddbods Go-Kards, the Oddbods Go-Kard Little Racers perfectly captures the hilarious madcap antics of the Oddbods. To play, racers must navigate challenges and obstacles strategically planted throughout the track, whilst taking opportunities galore to prank their competitors in a gripping race to cross the finish line.

As per the original versions, each of the board and card actions relate to each of the seven Oddbods’ core personality traits, so whether its through Pogo’s mischievous pranks or Fuse’s tantrums, players can never predict what will happen. There are also forfeits to be paid before a player is permitted to move around the board: Can you lick your elbow? Then you can’t pass go!

Unlike the original versions, which are modular, Go-Kards Little Racers has a simpler, smaller, fold-out format perfect for keeping kids entertained on the go!

Oddbods Go-Kards Kickstarter campaign is live until December 12th.
The basic, Family set is priced at US$49 and includes 80 play pieces with Pro set priced at $110 to include 155 pieces. The new Oddbods Go-Kard Little Racers is appropriate for youngsters five and up with a retail value of US$30.