CarGoSeat is the revolutionary new way for families to travel safely and easily. The booster seat fits effortlessly into any car and transforms into a lightweight and easy to clean wheelable case, allowing children, including those with special educational or developmental and behavioural needs, to feel safe and in control.

Inventor, Gary Burns found himself in a foreign country, and whilst standing next to the family cases, with no way to ensure he could safely transport his children to their accommodation, he had a lightbulb moment. Working with a product development team and with the expert guidance of Dr.Anna Kennedy OBE, founder of Anna Kennedy Online, raising Autism Awareness, the CarGoSeat was born.

CarGoSeat meets UK/EU ECE R44/04 regulation safety standards, has been rigorously crash tested and is suitable for a child weighing 22kg to 36kg and a height of 125cm or taller.  

The easy to use seatbelt positioning guide ensures the belt is always at the right place on the child. With just a few clicks the seat becomes a spacious wheeled case which any child would be proud to pull along. With a generous 10L of space inside, children can pack in their must-have travel activities to keep them occupied and there’s even space for those all-important hand wipes and sanitizer gels, keeping germs at bay.

Dr. Anna Kennedy OBE and Founder of AKO comments; ‘When travelling with children with special educational and developmental needs, it is important they feel secure and calm.  CarGoSeat has been designed to allow youngsters to take control, whether providing a storage solution welcomed by little ones needing to know their possessions are safe and in reach, or the absence of metal parts making it easy for small fingers to operate.   We worked carefully to select the colour choices, with my personal favourite being the purple seat, inspired by the most powerful wavelength of a rainbow and also the iconic colour of the UK’s National Autistic Society, as well of course, as our own AKO flagship brand identity.”

The unique features of the CarGoSeat all combine to make it the perfect solution for a huge range of scenarios. Not only a great storage space, it’s perfect as a second seat for grandparents, or other family members – putting a stop to the constant changing of car seats and therefore a positive for those children that on structure and routine.  Simply pop a pair of PJs and a toothbrush inside, and everything is set for a sleepover, or the seat can even be used as a booster seat option in restaurants and at events.

CargoSeat is available in four bright colours – purple, pink, green and blue – to suit every child’s style and will also help them to stand out in busy environments.

Adding that extra peace of mind, the CarGoSeat also comes with a 12-month guarantee and is completely recyclable, free of charge by CarGoSeat, at the end of its use.